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Visiting Student Program Academics


Courses Taught in English

For both Korean and international students, KU offers an extensive number of courses taught in English. Course offerings for spring and fall semesters are announced in February and August, respectively, and students will be given the opportunity to register before arriving in Korea.

☞ Fall 2022 List of Courses Taught in English

☞ Spring 2023 List of Courses Taught in English

☞ How to access Syllabus

Academic Calendars
Transcript and Credit Transfer

At the student’s request, a certified transcript will be sent to the home institution soon after the completion of the program. While most partner institutions accept Konkuk’s credits and grades, students are advised to confirm with their home institutions prior to application.

KU Grading Scale
Grade Quality Points Percentage Equivalent
A+ 4.5 95-100
A 4.0 90-94
B+ 3.5 85-89
B 3.0 80-84
C+ 2.5 75-79
C 2.0 70-74
D+ 1.5 65-69
D 1.0 60-64
F 0 Less than 60
P Pass More than 60
N Non-pass Less than 60
ECTS Credit Conversion Guide
KU Credit ECTS Credit
1 2
2 4
3 6

* Note: One credit at KU requires 16 hours of lectures in classrooms. Additional learning activities required by KU courses, such as seminars, projects, practical work, and individual studies, are not counted in the hours. Therefore, one credit at KU is equivalent to two ECTS credits.

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