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Office of Int'l Affairs Administrative Divisions

What We Do

  • International partnerships: Signing of memoranda of understanding with overseas universities and research organizations
  • Study abroad and overseas internship programs for Konkuk students in the Americas, Asia Pacific, and Europe
  • International programs for foreign students: Exchange Student Program, Visiting Student Program, and International Summer/Winter Programs
  • Reception of foreign visitors
  • English website and publications
Staff Directory
Name Job Title Responsibility Contact Info.
Mr. Jung Woo-young Director Overall management +82-2-2049-6211
Mr. Bahk Dae-Hee Deputy Director Inbound & Outbound: Short-term / Foreign Relations (Americas & Africa) +82-2-2049-6210
Mr. Kim Byoung-su Manager Outbound: Exchange Student Program (China) / Foreign Relations (China) +82-2-2049-6206
Mr. Noh Tae-wan Coordinator Outbound: Exchange and Visiting Student Program (Overall Management) / Foreign Relations (Europe) +82-2-2049-6203
Mr. Hyun Seok-je Coordinator Inbound: Exchange and Visiting Student Program / Foreign Relations (Asia & Non-EU) +82-2-2049-6201
Ms. Lee Han-gyeol Associate Inbound Exchange and Visiting Student Program +82-2-2049-6207
Ms. Ham Ji-soo Associate English Editing and Publications +82-2-2049-6205
Ms. Shon You-jin Associate Global Initiatives +82-2-2049-6264
Ms. Kyeongmi Won Administrative Assistant Student Counseling and Support +82-2-2049-6212
Location & Contact Information
Location Law School Building, Room 104 Tel. +82-2-2049-6212
Fax +82-2-2049-6226 Website http://abroad.konkuk.ac.kr
Office Hours
Monday – Friday 9 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.
Lunch Hour 12 p.m. – 1 p.m.

※ The office is closed on public and university holidays.

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