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Office of Int'l Affairs Greetings from the VP


Donghyuck Lee, Ph.D.

Vice President for
International Affairs

The importance of exchange and cooperation among nations, institutions, and individuals is becoming greater than ever with rapid technological advances in recent years. It is now impossible to achieve new developments solely with the power of one country or with the capability of one individual. The world is trying to take a leap by sharing each other’s ideas and resources.

It is no exception for Konkuk University, as well, in this trend of an era. Under the slogan, ‘A history of leadership’, Konkuk University is attempting a new leap. Our aim is to make developments in a creative way identifying the needs of society towards universities, and to turn Konkuk into a university that leads the world. To that end, Konkuk University will pursue exchange and cooperation with universities around the world in a more proactive and creative way.

We have long endeavored international exchange through various programs. About 2,000 foreign students are currently enrolled and are studying at Konkuk University, and 600 students from 60 different countries have been visiting for degree or exchange programs every year. As for outbound program including exchange or dual degree programs, we have about 800 students each year who study abroad to 600 overseas partner universities or institutions. The dynamic student exchange programs not just invigorate the campus atmosphere but play an essential role in recognizing cultural diversity as well as boosting exchange and cooperation. Moreover, Konkuk University is pushing forward mutual exchange and joint research while building partnerships with prestigious universities and research institutes around the world. We have been making efforts for new developments of university education by sharing creative ideas on educational innovation with various universities.

Konkuk University, however, will not stop here but move forward for the next level of exchange and cooperation. As the importance of international exchange is highly emphasized, we will try our best not just to promote student and academic exchange but to attempt exchange and cooperation in new fields. We will also promise to support all foreign students and researchers who visit Konkuk University to experience in-depth progress. Thank you.

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