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Int'l Winter Program Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular Activities

Program Schedule
Field Trip
  • Trip to historical and beautiful scenic sights in Korea
  • Participate in winter sports, including sledding and/or skiing
Cultural Programs
  • Seoul city tour and museum tours
  • Class about Korean arts, crafts, Tae Kwon Do (Korean martial arts), K-pop dance, Korean food
  • Corporate Visit
Activities with ISVs
  • Chance to enjoy local entertainment
  • Jimjilbang (Korean style spa)
  • Lotte World (Amusement park)
  • Christmas party
  • Movie and karaoke night
  • Welcome & farewell reception

※ Note: The schedule and contents are subject to change.

Field Trip

IWP participants and Konkuk University students will go on a cultural field trip during the program. The field trip will not only allow students to gain a deeper understanding of the past and present of Korea, but will also enable them to engage with participants from other countries while enjoying outdoor programs. Please note that students must have international health insurance to go on the field trip.

Cultural Programs

IWP participants can experience Korea’s unique culture outside the classroom. Participation in cultural programs is not mandatory but fees are not deductible and refundable.

Activities with ISVs

International Student Volunteers at KU, also known as Student Buddies, plan culturally unique and fun activities for the weekends and evenings. IWP participants can sign up and join the activities which are available almost every day throughout the two weeks. For these activities, students may have to pay a small additional fee.

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