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Int'l Summer Program Academics


Class Program
Korean Language Class For Beginners and Intermediates classes,
taught by teachers from KLI
Understanding Korean Culture /
International Trade and Business
Lectures from KU professors subject of Korean history, culture, economy and society.
Click to see course summary and more detailed course syllabus will be updated soon
Cultural Programs From traditional to popular Korean cultural programs followed by sightseeing of Seoul. Field trip to cover historical and monumental site of Seoul to gain understanding of academic course

Featured activities
- Seoul City Tour: From King’s Palace to Myung Dong
- Taekwondo and Hanbok class
- K-POP Dance Class
- DMZ(De-militarized zone/38 parallel line/N. Korea boardes
- Visit to renowned Korean company, governmental association

※ The schedule and contents are tentative and subject to change.

ISP participants can participate to special academic seminars on Korea’s history, culture, foreign relations and Korean language classes. These are all conducted in English and academic credit may be transferred to your Home institution. Students will gain 3 credits after successful Completion of the 3-week-long ISP.

The total amount of class time for each course, which includes in-class lectures, tutorials, self-study and homework, is 45 to 48 hours. Academic performance will be assessed at the end of the program, and a certificate of completion will be issued. The students will be informed of the finalized schedule by email prior to their arrival.

Classes will be conducted at KU’s main campus, Seoul. This program is highly recommended for those who wish to study and experience Korean language and culture at a top class university located in Seoul, the capital city that is historical and cultural commercial hub of Korea.

Transcript and Credit Transfer

At the student’s request, a certified transcript will be sent to the home institution soon after the completion of the program. While most partner institutions accept Konkuk’s credits and grades, students are advised to confirm with their home institutions prior to application.

KU Grading System
Grade Quality Points Percentage Equivalent
A+ 4.5 95-100
A 4.0 90-94
B+ 3.5 85-89
B 3.0 80-84
C+ 2.5 75-79
C 2.0 70-74
D+ 1.5 65-69
D 1.0 60-64
F 0 Less than 60
P Pass More than 60
N Non-pass Less than 60
ECTS Credit Conversion Guide
KU Credit ECTS Credit
1 2
2 4
3 6
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