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Activities Mentoring Program & International Student Volunteers

In addition to Konkuk University (KU) faculty, staff, and classmates, foreign students can receive help from International Student Volunteers (ISV). Selected by the Office of International Affairs in May or June, ISVs are current KU students who are committed to support foreign students for a year. ISVs provide day-to-day assistance to foreign undergraduate students and help organize airport pick-ups, orientation, and campus tours. They speak English, Chinese, and/or Japanese.

* ISVs are not part of KU's administrative staff. Even though they mean well, ISVs may provide misleading or outdated information at times. Be sure to contact your KU program coordinator for important, up-to-date information.

For a list of current ISVs, please visit
http://www.konkuk.ac.kr/Administration/Abroad/jsp/service/service_01_03.jsp(in Korean).

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