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Konkuk University Foundation Day: May 15

In commemoration of Dr. Seok-chang Yoo’s founding of Konkuk University (KU) on May 15, 1946, a ceremony is held for students, faculty, staff, alumni, parents, and guests each year. Awards are presented to the faculty and staff who have contributed to the university.

Konkuk University Festival (일감호 축전): Mid-May

KU’s Student Association also organizes a festival in mid-May every year to celebrate the university’s foundation. This three-day long event features performances and exhibitions by college departments and student clubs. Famous K-pop celebrities are also invited to perform in a concert.

Sports Events for Freshmen: Mid-March

In mid-March, each college at Konkuk holds a sports event to welcome its freshman. The one-day event is designed to help freshmen better understand the university as well as increase bonding among students.

Fall Art Festival (성신의 예술제): Late-October

In late October, colleges and student clubs stage a three-day long festival to showcase their academic achievements and artistic talent. This event is organized by the Student Club Association.

Field Trips for New International Students: Spring and Fall

Every spring and fall, the Center for International Faculty and Student Services at the Office of International Affairs organizes a field trip for new international students. The field trip is a great opportunity for international students to experience and learn about Korean culture.

[Note] The above-mentioned festivals and events are not official holidays. Some, but not all, classes may be cancelled during the events at the instructors’ discretion.

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