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All accepted students for the Exchange Student Program at Konkuk University (KU) will receive an acceptance package with a certificate of admission from their university’s exchange student coordinator or study abroad advisor. With the certificate of admission, you should apply for the Student Exchange Program (D-2-6) visa at the nearest Korean embassy/consulate in your home country.

KU’s business registration number, which may be needed when applying for a visa, is 207-82-00062. The Korean embassy and/or consulates in the People’s Republic of China may require a copy of Konkuk’s certificate for business registration as part of your visa application.

Please note that even if you are expected to study at KU for two semesters, the Korean embassy/consulate may issue a six-month visa. The decision is affected by various factors, including Korea’s immigration policies. If you receive a six-month visa, you can apply for an extension.

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