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To stay in Korea for more than 90 days as a student, you must apply for a D-2 visa at the Korean embassy/consulate near your home.

D-2 Visa
Length of Stay Status Description
More than
90 days
A person pursuing a bachelor’s, a master’s, or a doctoral degree; or engaging in a specific study at a college, university, or graduate school under the Education Act or at an educational institution established under a specific law (i.e., an exchange student).
Types of D-2 Visas
Level Degree-Seeking Students Exchange Students Students Participating in Short-Term Programs
Undergraduate D-2-2 D-2-6 D-2-8
Graduate (Master’s) D-2-3
Graduate (Doctoral) D-2-4

* Note: International students planning on pursuing a graduate program at KU must consult with the Graduate School or the administrative office of his/her department.

Documents for Visa Application
  • Application form
  • Passport and one photocopy of your passport
  • Two passport photos
  • Certificate of admission issued by Konkuk University (KU)
  • Documents demonstrating that you or your family has means to finance all educational, living, and travel costs
  • Visa processing fee: In some countries, there is no visa processing fee.
  • Other documents required by the Korean consulate


  1. The list of documents can vary depending on the country that the Korean embassy/consulate is located in.
  2. There are single- and multiple-entry visas. If you want to travel back home or to other countries during your stay in Korea, we suggest you get a multiple-entry visa. The embassy/consulate may issue you a single-entry visa if you do not specifically request otherwise.
  3. If you have a C-3 visa or another type of short-term visa instead of a D-2 visa, you must change your visa status as soon as you can before you start studying at KU.
  4. Degree-seeking students from the People’s Republic of China: You must submit all documents required by the Seoul Immigration Office to the Center for International Faculty and Student Services at Konkuk. With the documents, the center will ask the immigration office to issue a visa issuance approval number. After receiving this number, you can visit the nearest Korean embassy/consulate with other required documents to apply for a visa.
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