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Design and customize your very own Konkuk University (KU) jacket, then display your KU pride around Korea and throughout the world!

Where to Order & Purchase

Room 201 of Student Union Bldg. A

Order Process
  1. Choose a Main Color
    Select the main color you want for your jacket. Remember the corresponding number in the picture below and use it to place your order. Animal prints are also available for an additional KRW 18,000.
  2. Choose a Color for the Sleeves
    The material used for the sleeves is different, and you can choose between black and white.
  3. Add Your Year
    You can choose to add your graduation year or another number to the arm. If you do not add a number, “00” will be placed.
  4. Add Your Name
    You can add you name or initials at the bottom of the sleeve right above the cuff. You can choose to have it written in either Korean or English.
  5. Add Your Department
    You can add your department on the back of your jacket. There is also a special option of adding “Exchange Student” or “Visiting Student.”

You must pay when placing the order. It will take approximately 15 days to receive your jacket, and you can choose to receive notification by phone or email.

Number of People Ordering Price Price When Paid in Cash
1-9 77,000 KRW 77,000 KRW
10 or more 71,000 KRW 65,000 KRW

* Note: The prices are current as of Spring 2015 and are subject to change.

Size Information

Sizes are available from XS to 3XL. Please visit the store and try on different sizes to find the one that fits you the best.

Other Items

You can also purchase Konkuk t-shirts and hoodies.

A special thanks to all our models who participated in the Spring 2015 KU Jacket Model Photo Shoot!

  • Priscila Betel Fletias Duarte (Paraguay)
  • Johan Gustafsson (Sweden)
  • Eunjin Hong (Korea)
  • Woojin Hwang (Korea)
  • Elisabeth Jackson (USA)
  • Nancy Carolina Jativa (Ecuador)
  • Nanam Park (Korea)
  • Sita Makris (USA)
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