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On-campus housing at the International House or the Global Hall is available to foreign scholars, including faculty, researchers, visitors, and their families. Opened in 2003, the International House offers four different types of housing—studios for one person, studios for two people, two-bedroom apartments, and three-bedroom apartments. The Global Hall was opened five years later, but does not have three-bedroom apartments. Units in both residence halls have kitchens and TVs with free cable channels.

Please see the chart below for rates, which are subject to change. The rates may vary according to the types of faculty appointment. For more details and reservation, contact Ms. Hyoeun Jeon, at (02) 450-4267 or isabellajeon@konkuk.ac.kr

2017 International House and Global Hall Rates
  Room Type Daily Rent Monthly Rent
International House Single ₩25,000 ₩750,000
Twin ₩30,000 ₩900,000
2-bed ₩45,000 ₩1,350,000
3-bed ₩55,000 ₩1,650,000
Global Hall Single ₩30,000 ₩900,000
Twin ₩35,000 ₩1,050,000
Family ₩45,000 ₩1,350,000
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