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Rules and Regulations for Majors and Minors

In order to meet the students’ diverse needs and interests, Konkuk University (KU) provides the multiple major program (다전공) and minor program (부전공), as well as allows qualified students to change their majors (전과). (These are optional, not mandatory.)

※ Note: These programs are not applicable to non-degree students (e.g., exchange and visiting students, etc.).

Students may choose to change majors once during the college years, either before the beginning of the
sophomore year or before the beginning of the junior year, through the KU Portal. To change your major,
you need to submit an application which requires the approval of the University.

Restrictions may apply to the following departments:
Departments Art & Design,
Physical Education,
Music Education
Medicine Nursing
Transferring In Not Allowed
(Allowed within
Not Allowed Not Allowed Not Allowed Not Allowed
Transferring Out Not Allowed
(Allowed within
Allowed Allowed Allowed Not Allowed
  • Change of majors between campuses (i.e., Seoul and GLOCAL (Chungju)) not allowed
  • Transfer students and students on Leave of Absence may not apply
    (Students on Leave of Absence must resume their studies in order to change their majors as current students.)
Minimum Qualifications

A student wishing to change his/her major must have completed the freshman year (or sophomore year)
and attained a cumulative GPA equal to or higher than 2.7.

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