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Rules & Regulations Majors / Minors

Rules and Regulations for Majors and Minors

In order to meet the students’ diverse needs and interests, Konkuk University (KU) provides the multiple major program (다전공) and minor program (부전공), as well as allows qualified students to change their majors (전과). (These are optional, not mandatory.)

※ Note: These programs are not applicable to non-degree students (e.g., exchange and visiting students, etc.).

This program, intended to provide students the opportunity to broaden their perspectives and pursue a
wider scope of career options, involves studying another major as your “minor” along with the pursuit of
your original major. Students may apply online for the minor program in the beginning of each semester
starting from their sophomore year. The application period is to be determined by the University.

Credit Requirements

A minor student must obtain more than 24 credits of major core courses in the department of the chosen
minor. An identical course may not be approved to fulfill the requirements of both a major and a minor.

The following departments (majors) below are not applicable to the minor program:
  • Departments in the College of Art & Design (with the exception of Apparel Design and Film)
  • Veterinary Medicine, Medicine, and Nursing

※ Note: It is possible to pursue a minor within the Arts.


Upon graduation, students who have completed the requirements for a minor will receive a certification
of graduation with an indication of the minor. The record will also be listed on the college register.

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