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Rules & Regulations Examinations / Grades

Semester Exam Period Duration
Midterm mid / late April approx. one week
Final mid / late June approx. one week
Midterm mid / late Oct. approx. one week
Final mid / late Dec. approx. one week

Regular examinations, midterm and final, are held each semester. If necessary, there may be non-regular examinations; the dean of the department may obtain approval to administer additional examinations.

The official exam schedule is indicated on the academic calendar; however, certain midterm exams and final exams may be held before or after the official exam period at the discretion of the instructor. Some courses may not require midterms or finals but special assignments as replacement.

Please follow your instructor’s guidelines regarding when, where, and how the exams will be administered as he/she has full discretion over these matters.

After the final examinations, instructors submit the grades on the KU Portal, where you can check your tentative grades afterwards. If you object to any grade that you received, please discuss the matter with your instructor.

Eligibility for Examinations
  • A student is only eligible to take the examination for a certain course for which he/she has attended 2/3 or more of the total class hours
  • A student who has not taken the regular examination(s) for his/her registered class(es), due to direct appeal or university duties, can take additional examination(s) by obtaining the dean’s approval through the course instructor prior to the date of examination
  • A student who could not take the regular examination(s) of the registered course due to military service, he/she may be given a grade in consideration of the his/her midterm examination result
Evaluation Standards
    In general, the academic grade of each course is composed of the following:
  • Midterm examination (35%)
  • Final examination (35%)
  • Attendance and assignments (30%)
Evaluation Method Proportion of Grades Courses Concerned
Relative Evaluation - A+, A : Less than or equal to 0-35%
- A+, A, B+, B : Less than or equal to 0-70%
Courses with 15 or more registered students (based on the GPA scoring system))
Absolute Evaluation
(A+, A : Less than or equal to 40%)
A+, A : Less than or equal to 40% - Courses in Teacher Education (excluding Teacher Practice and Practice for Teachers)
- Experiment / Practicum / Practice
- Courses taught in English Courses with 10-14 registered students on the GPA scoring system
Absolute Evaluation Absolute Evaluation - Courses in Teacher Practice and Practice for Teachers
- Courses with nine or less registered students on the GPA scoring system
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