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Rules & Regulations Credit Withdrawal

Definition & Purpose

The credit withdrawal system at KU refers to the withdrawal of acquired credits.


To enhance the flexibility of credit management through the discontinuation of the existing course re-registration system (재수강제도), F grade removal system (F 학점삭제제도), and cancelled course removal system (폐과목삭제제도), aiming at reducing the confusion of taking the same course due to the increase in identical, similar, and replacement subjects.

Overview of the Credit Withdrawal System
Application Period and Method
Period Each semester
- For students in their 3th ~ 7th semesters: Once
(after the summer/winter course registration period)
- For students in their 8th semesters or above: Twice
(in the beginning of the semester or after the summer/winter course registration period)
Method KU Portal System → Academics (학사행정) → Grade (성적) → Delete Grade (성적삭제) → Apply for Withdrawal of Earned Credits (취득학점포기신청)
Note For more details on the application period and methods for credit withdrawal, please refer to the notice on the KU website (posted prior to the start of each semester) or the note from the administrative office of your department.
Eligible Students for Credit Withdrawal
  • Junior (third-year) and senior (fourth-year) students enrolled at KU (Seoul Campus) (excluding students who have not submitted their theses)
Eligible Subjects for Credit Withdrawal
  • All courses from which credits were acquired (excluding “recognized credits”)
Maximum Number of Credits for Withdrawal
  • Equivalent to the credit limit for course registration of each semester
Important Notes
  • It is not possible to restore the credits of the course that you applied for credit withdrawal (i.e., your credit withdrawal decision cannot be revoked)
  • Credit withdrawal will be reflected on your academic transcript after the end of the credit withdrawal application period
  • There are some cases in which students withdraw credits without confirming the required credits for the completion of each class standing, resulting in disqualification for taking certain certification exams. In order to prevent such situation, please check the required credits for the completion of each class standing if you plan on taking those exams.
  • When credit withdrawal is not completed for duplicated courses (중복수강과목) with the same course name, only one course that has been taken first will be recognized as part of the total credits required for graduation
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