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Rules & Regulations Completion / Graduation

For overall information on the completion of your degree and graduation, please refer to the information below.

Students will be evaluated of their status in regards to graduation prior to graduating from Konkuk University (KU).

Status Related with Graduation
Graduation Students who have fulfilled all graduation requirements are
eligible to graduate.
If a student’s graduation requirements have been fulfilled
but he/she wishes to delay graduation, it can be requested
to the administrative office of his/her major/department.
* Note: For the additional semester, the student needs to
register for one or more classes
NOT Fulfilled
Non-graduation Students who have not fulfilled the graduation requirements
cannot graduate; they need to register for an additional semester in order to complete the requirements.
    ※ Note
  • Students of “Graduation Delay” and “Non-graduation” are able to apply for a Leave of Absence
    subsequent to the graduation date of the corresponding semester
  • Students on Leave of Absence cannot graduate; to graduate, they need to register for a regular
    semester and then receive approval through the graduation assessment
Tuition Fee for Additional Semesters

☞ for “Graduation Delay” and “Non-graduation” students

1-3 credits 1-3 credits 1-3 credits 10 credits or more
1/6 of full tuition 1/3 of full tuition 1/2 of full tuition Full tuition
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