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An official academic transcript is issued about a month after the end of the final exam period of each semester. About a week after the final exams end, you can check you tentative academic record on the Konkuk University
(KU) Portal. If you disagree with the tentative record, you can make a formal request to the instructors for correction. The schedule for checking the tentative record and making a request is subject to change every semester; therefore, please check with the university beforehand for an exact schedule.

For foreign exchange students, the Center for International Faculty and Student Services, KU Office of International Affairs, will send the English version of the original academic transcript to each student’s home university — not to the individual students — via express courier (e.g., FedEx, DHL, EMS, etc.) soon after the transcripts are issued. (See below for more details.)

Example of an Official Transcript

  1. The academic transcript is the only official document Konkuk University issues regarding your academic performance. If you need more information other than that on the transcript, you need to request your instructor
    to create a document providing such details. (The content, format, and other details of the document are to be determined by the instructor.)
  2. For foreign exchange students, the Center for International Faculty and Student Services sends the English version of each student’s original academic transcript to the home university according to the following schedule.
Transcript When
Transcript for Spring Semester Mid-late July
Transcript for Fall Semester Transcript for Fall Semester

☞ Only one copy will be sent to the home university.
☞ If you are a foreign exchange student in need of multiple copies of the transcript, there are two options:

  1. You can print multiple copies through the vending machine in the Administration Building.
  2. You may ask a friend for the copies (through option “a”) and have them mailed directly to you.
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