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Undergraduate College of Veterinary Medicine

Department of Veterinary Medicine

  • Location : Room 223, Veterinary Medicine Building
  • Website : vet.konkuk.ac.kr
  • Tel. : 02-450-3708
  • Fax : 02-450-3037

Established as the Konkuk University (KU) College of Animal Husbandry, Department of Veterinary Medicine, in 1968, our department was modified to a 6-year program structure in 1998. In 2000, it was established as a 2-year preparatory and 4-year undergraduate degree course in veterinary medicine.

Konkuk’s Department of Veterinary Medicine itself, with the unique characteristic of being the only veterinary school in Korea affiliated with a private university, provides progressive and flexible education at the bachelor level. Another advantage is that, differing from other universities, both preparatory and full degree courses are offered at the same university, allowing for more systematic and in-depth teaching and practical training. Our department provides both theoretical and practical training in all fields of clinical veterinary medicine targeting animals. We aim to develop quarantine experts responsible for blocking the sources of foreign diseases from entering the country, as well as Korea's leading professionals in the field of life sciences such as medicine, pharmacology, public health, and of course, clinical veterinary medicine. Our mission is to contribute to national and human society through the fostering of 21st century veterinary specialists who are fully prepared for the global era.

Our department equips students with the broad knowledge and understanding to become capable 21st century veterinarians. We encourage them to adopt a research-based approach and acquire the fundamental academic knowledge of their major field through veterinary medicine courses. In addition, we foster professionals in veterinary medicine fields in accordance with the development of genetic engineering and biotechnology. We also cultivate leaders in the veterinary field who possess excellent character and who are able to apply theories and practical knowledge of clinical veterinary medicine and related fields in their own studies and research. Our ultimate objective is to contribute to the health of the nation, society, and humanity as a whole through the development of competitive, global-minded veterinarians and experts in the social sciences fields of medicine, pharmacology, and public health.

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