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Department of Geography

The main topics of the study of geography are the regional characteristics produced by the interactions between human civilization and nature. In other words, geography is a fundamental comprehensive study of the scientific and geographical approaches to natural geography and human civilization as a field which researches the regions of human life. The demand for geography in many areas of society is growing in accordance with the globalization of recent times which is causing the need for talented human resources in the fields of regional information contents and regional expertise. With this, Konkuk University’s (KU) Department of Geography is cultivating experts in various fields including municipal and regional planning, industry locating, climate change, environmental issues, regional issues, travel, travel curator geography, world heritage, water resin, wetland, soil runoff analysis, journalists, authors and more.

* The Department of Geography at KU supports all crossovers between natural sciences and liberal arts sciences.

The objective of the department is to provide students with comprehensive knowledge and systematic understanding, so that they may contribute to national development and resolving issues related to the status quo.

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