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Department of Chemistry

Since its establishment in 1959, Department of Chemistry at Konkuk University (KU) has been providing a differentiated and specialized education program for cultivating creative experts who are able to not only contribute to the development of society regionally and nationally, but also become global leaders of industries. Until present, the department has made significant contributions to the development of industries related to chemistry as it has produced a large human resources base consisting of 32 doctorate, 270 master’s, and 1300 bachelor's degree holders. There are currently eleven professors and four honorary professors teaching within the department with more than 150 undergraduates and 30 graduates currently enrolled. Our outstandingly competent faculty consists of three physicochemistry, three organic chemistry, and two analytical chemistry professors who are currently receiving international recognition for their abilities in setting the foundations of and actively participating in practical research in most of the main chemistry-related areas. The department receives research grants from several sources including the Korea Research Foundation, Ministry of Knowledge Economy, Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Science and Technology and the Seoul Metropolitan Government. Thanks to these grants, almost all graduate students are receiving scholarships as research/teaching assistants. In particular, in 1997 the department's Liquid Crystal Research Group was appointed as the research supervisor of the Next Generation of Flat Panel Cover Device Technology Development Project (G7 Project). It is currently conducting research in developing high-speed liquid crystal, the darling of the 21st century LCD industry, and its researchers who have gone on to employment are playing pivotal roles in LCD-related companies. Also, in 2009, KU Fraunhofer ISE Next Generation Solar Cell Research Center (KFnSC), in cooperation with the Seoul Metropolitan Government and six different companies, advanced a new growth power of the solar industry. Furthermore, it is currently conducting research for moving us closer to the realization of a clean energy society through local government industry-academic research development models.

Our department not only aims to empower students with expert knowledge centered-on advanced chemistry as an academic foundation, but also to cultivate expert chemists who possess good leadership and creativeness with regards to various educational fields such as agriculture, medicine, engineering and life science as well as academic research. They will also have a cosmopolitan outlook as well as a competitive edge when it comes to leading the chemistry-related industries of the future.

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