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Department of Physics

The scope of physics is vast and profound, covering everything from the subatomic microscopic world to the immense universe. Physics is a key ingredient of all natural sciences and provides indispensable disciplines for all modern technologies. Moreover, physics forms the foundation not only for chemistry, biological sciences, geology, astronomy, meteorology, and oceanography, but also for material science, computer technology, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, aerospace engineering, and medical engineering.

In 2008, we were chosen to be one of the first class teams of the World Class University project. Through this WCU project, we invited six internationally eminent scholars to collaborate with our Korean faculty members and establish new academic programs in key growth-generating fields. In addition, nanomaterial development, semiconductors, particle physics phenomenology, gravitational theory, superconductor experiments, microwave experiments, and optics are actively studied.

From the education program at the Department of Physics at KU, students will obtain not only a variety of knowledge on natural science in general, but will also gain the professional experience required for applying their knowledge to the industries such as the telecommunications, electronics, and biomedical fields.

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