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Department of Political Science

Political science is concerned with the description and explanation of domestic and foreign political institutions, the rights and responsibilities of citizens, the relations of people with their governments, as well as the global relations among states, international organizations, and transnational NGOs. Our curriculum provides students with a broad knowledge of both domestic and foreign political institutions, processes and problems.

The undergraduate program in political science is designed to enable students to attain the following objectives:

  1. A broad understanding of political institutions and issues as the central element of general education;
  2. A basic knowledge of governmental techniques for those considering a career in public service;
  3. Pre-professional training for students planning to enter law school;
  4. A basic foundation in political science for those contemplating various careers.

At the Department of Political Science at Konkuk University (KU), there is ample opportunity for students to receive individual attention and assistance as they pursue their chosen course of study. Many classes have fewer than 30 students, and our faculty members are committed to creating interesting and relevant classroom environments. In addition to our wide range of traditional courses, undergraduate students are offered the opportunity to experience politics in practice and expand their knowledge by visiting major political institutions and participating in various debate programs.

Scope of Study:
Basic political concepts and a variety of political phenomena surrounding nations, societies and the world (i.e., comparative politics, international politics and political thought)

Common Career Paths:
Academics, researchers at related laboratories, journalists, politicians, public servants, employees at international organizations and civic groups.

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