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Department of Biological Sciences

Biological science is a field of fundamental science that seeks to understand and rationally explain biological phenomena by testing such phenomena in a laboratory setting based on systematic theories. The Department of Biological Sciences at Konkuk University (KU) provides the base academic knowledge for the fields of biology and biotechnology, and plays a leading role in their academic development. KU, under the founding philosophy of sincerity, fidelity, and righteousness, has adopted the motto of "a school for the people, a globally-oriented university." KU strives to develop the ideas and founding spirit of the university's founder, Dr. Yoo Seok-chang, to further maximize educational effectivity.

In order to achieve its objectives, the Department of Biological Sciences provides students planning their futures in the fields of biology or biotechnology with outstanding educational programs in an elaborate and systematic manner. The division comprises 13 full-time and three emeritus professors, 200 undergraduate, and 70 postgraduate students. It has produced a total of 1,250 graduates, 900 of them with bachelor's degrees, 300 with master's degrees, and 50 Ph.D.s. In response to the future demand for biological science professionals, we plan to appoint three more faculty members.

The following objectives have been set in order to provide outstanding undergraduate courses for students who intend to plan their futures in the areas of biological sciences or biotechnology.

  1. Fundamental education for professional researchers in the area of biology
  2. Foster the development of industry professionals through laboratory-based practical training
  3. Support the education of students majoring in related areas of the biological and applied sciences
  4. Build students' understanding of the life sciences for their development as intellectuals

In order to achieve these objectives, the Department of Biological Sciences offers a range of courses in biological science. Students must complete a total of 132 credit points, composed of 38 from general education, 22 from general electives, six from compulsory major courses, and 60 from major-related electives. The program also hosts several academic societies and student organizations. Students undertake a range of academic activities such as seminars, photo exhibits and collections related to their area of interest, such as insects or plant life. University life is diverse and varied, with a range of groups meeting regularly to practice sports, singing, or outdoor activities. In addition to merit- and effort-based scholarships, the Biological Sciences Alumni Association also provides scholarships to its students. Roughly 20% of students are currently receiving a scholarship of some kind.

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