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Undergraduate College of Sang-Huh Life Science

Department of Environmental Health Science

Environmental health science (EHS) develops a scientific understanding of the correlation between the environments encompassing life and health, the core subject of the life sciences. The field aims to regenerate the health of natural eco-systems while promoting human health through the management of safe and pleasant environments. In an age of global economic stabilization, the establishment of pleasant and healthy environments able to sustain the welfare of life forms including humans is crucial, while the role of the health and environmental fields in supporting the establishment of such environments is of high importance. The Department of Environmental Health Science at Konkuk University (KU) offers a specialized curriculum systematically integrating both health and the environment and adapted to national environmental health policies (Environmental Conservation Act, Natural Environment Conservation Act, and legislation related to water quality and the conservation of aquatic ecosystems). We also run a series of exchange programs made possible through partnership agreements with leading global universities. We foster world-class professionals in the field of environmental health, and students have the flexibility of choosing their own career path in a range of cutting-edge fields.

Our department fosters environmental health professionals able to assume a leading role in the improvement and creation of new environmental fields for the purpose of promoting the health of natural ecosystems and human beings. This is achieved through local and overseas cooperation for the provision of specialized, hands-on experience exchange programs based on an understanding of the close relationship between the environment and health.

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