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Undergraduate College of Sang-Huh Life Science

Department of Animal Science and Technology

Considering that a large proportion of the foodstuffs and protein consumed in modern society is supplied by livestock, the fostering of professionals for the animal science and technology industries is a task of high importance. The department has the objective of unearthing and developing highly talented human resources capable of contributing to livestock-related industries both in Korea and in natural resource-rich countries such as China, Vietnam and Australia. Major fields offered by the department include: animal nutrition, animal physiology, animal ecology studies, nutrition resources, feedstuff production, poultry science, swine science, dairy science, cattle science, microbiology, companion animal studies, as well as experimental animal studies. In addition, the department conducts research, student exchanges, overseas study, and education in a range of areas. The department also provides its students with work experience opportunities at companies and research centers, including the Chungju training farm and feed processing training facility.

The department is focused on becoming world-class academic institute in the development of creative and dynamic professionals capable of pioneering the eco-friendly animal resources industry, improving animal welfare, and producing high-quality proteins. Accordingly, the department's objective is to produce leading experts with fundamental practical and research abilities in animal nutrition, feeding and environments necessary for the efficient and eco-friendly production of valuable animal resources. We aim to equip our graduates with the skills necessary to play a central role in the animal resource industry network of North-East Asia.

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