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“Communication” has been given recognition as being a major social science discipline much like “journalism and broadcasting” and “media (information) studies.” However, although it is thoroughly related to areas such as original cultural sciences, social sciences, natural sciences and the fine arts, it is an important independent field in and of itself. Communication has been an independent major in advanced academic countries such as those of Europe for a long time.

As modern day society continues to form a highly information-oriented paradigm, the importance of communication is getting larger by the day. In particular, the “contents” of communication are functioning as an important life variable. In other words, how certain information is being communicated is an extremely sensitive issue among modern day people. What information and how that information is being communicated, be it via telecommunications, advertisements, movies, television, radio, newspapers, books or the internet, has an influence on individuals, companies and even nations. This is also one aspect of the cultural paradigm. It is why there is a growing need in Korea for an academic field which comprises comprehensive research and training on the issue of communication, not only on the institutional front, but from a contents angle as well.

Communication is of extreme importance in today's information-oriented society. Media such as journalism, advertising, video and new media are important components in the construction of communication in modern day society. Based on basic theories of liberal arts such as linguistic/non-linguistic communication and semiotics, we approach these media from the angle of communication, as well as perform research into a wide range of communicative phenomena, including advertising, public relations, marketing, journalism, broadcasting and publishing. By doing so, we aim to cultivate expert talent in various areas of social studies and vocational fields.

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