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Department of Philosophy

As philosophy is the discipline that constantly aims to find the truth, the Department of Philosophy at Konkuk University (KU) creates an environment which allows such pursuit. Philosophy is a study which examines inherited ideology from ancient times and explores desirable human character and world views through investigating such areas as the universe, nature, society and mankind. Philosophy imparts the ability to think logically, and develops one's macroscopic understanding of mankind and society. It also enables students to enhance their basic attitudes and personalities.

Our department aims to provide students with the ability to live their life more meaningfully, and proposes the basic criteria for personal study and educates them in creating new social value through providing an in-depth understanding of mankind and the world in terms of fundamental principles. Traditional and futuristic, Eastern and Western, the Department seeks to open up new horizons for philosophical review and debate while maintaining a balance of philosophical introspection concerning values and facts.

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