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Department of Chinese Language & Literature

The Department of Chinese Language and Literature at Konkuk University (KU) aims for “Daedong 大同” or “Great Oneness” among its dedicated teaching staff and exceptionally talented and passionate students, to cultivate expert talent with a global perspective who can play a leading role in the center of Northeast Asia in the 21st century. It also aims to cultivate members of society who possess healthy and humanistic knowledge.

Through specialized education, the department provides students with a variety of experiences and knowledge as well as opportunities to discover their aptitudes and personal potential. These endeavors are aimed at helping students set solid life goals with which they may embark on their futures. We also provide a curriculum that trains students to become healthy and practical citizens who can survive in the current era.

To this end, the department places emphasis on the acquisition of specialized concrete knowledge and talent. We also focus on character refinement to turn students into humanitarians through its topnotch lectures, various linguistic programs, extracurricular activities, junior-senior joint activities, consultation, and career guidance. The course also encourages students to remain true to the attitude of “lifelong learning” in which learning takes place anywhere at any time.

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