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Department of Korean Language & Literature

The Department of Korean Language and Literature at Konkuk University (KU) aims to support the continuation of traditional Korean culture. In particular, the department intends to cultivate creative talent by instilling a creative and accepting attitude with regards to Korean language and culture by providing students with extensive knowledge and an in-depth understanding of Korean linguistics and classical and contemporary Korean literature.

To achieve this, students will scientifically research the transition of the Korean language, and will be able to appreciate and offer their critique on classic literature. In addition to this, students will analyze the influential relationship between Korean literature and foreign languages and cultures as well as examine Korea’s unique national characteristics. Our department strives for excellence in its teaching as it expands on its outstanding teaching staff and provides well-rounded education by (a) strengthening research in several different areas so that its students may grow into future-oriented leaders through academic achievement and core cultural development; and (b) by taking full advantage of the comprehensive characteristics of Korean literature.

The basic objective of the Department of Korean Language and Literature at KU is systematic, in-depth research and understanding of Korean language and literature. Through extensive research analysis and discussion of texts, students will examine the universality of the national cultural identity. Furthermore, they will be cultivated into leaders in the humanities field who can lead the development of a forward-moving culture of the future by researching and developing the presence and usefulness of Korean language and literature.

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