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In addition to strengthening the moral character of students in terms of legal ethics for the purpose of raising the calibre of legal practitioners, the Department of Law at Konkuk University (KU) has long promoted the development of an optimal curriculum, with a focus on its empirical traditions. The research department has been leading efforts to attract external research services such as BK (Brain Korea) 21, as well as playing a definitive role in research specialization and diversification, research team expansion, reinforcing the resource base for research activities, and stimulating activity at our legal research center. In the area of public affairs, we have been actively engaging in international exchange involving students and professors from prestigious universities in the U.S., Japan, and Europe, as well as the establishment of joint degrees and research programs. The department has also been pursuing the formation of partnerships with leading Korean law firms and legal organizations. Furthermore, the number of full-time professors has been expanded to an ideal number of 30, and the department now boasts the largest collection of legal publications in Korea, totaling 100,000. It is also playing a leading role in the establishment of a generous legal research fund acquired through solid fundraising efforts.

The department's objective is to provide the fundamental education for the formation of legal professionals who maintain the society’s rule of law. We pursue the realization of an advanced legal culture adapted to the challenges of the age of information. Thus, we strive to lay the foundations for growth as a world-class university as well as the steady creation of human, physical, and economic infrastructure.

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