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Department of Biomedical Science and Engineering

According to Professor Jaebum Kim, biomedicine is “a new academic discipline that applies concepts related to biology and engineering for public health and better quality of life.” By integrating new developments in biotechnology, IT, and nanotechnology, biomedicine creates new technologies to diagnose, treat, and prevent various diseases. It also involves the designing the process to produce drugs and medical supplies in large scale. As such, the curriculum of the Department of Biomedical Science and Engineering involves biotechnology, IT, and nanaotechnology as well as engineering.

Industries related to biomedicine are being recognized as a source of economic growth in major developed countries. Developing personalized medical technologies is particularly a hot topic. A report by the Korea Health Industry Development Institute shows that the domestic market for biomarkers increased from ₩60 billion in 2008 to ₩450 billion in 2011. In the United States, genetic analysis and diagnosis has grown 11% annual from 2002 to 2012, and is expected to reach $760 billion by 2020.

The department has close partnerships with globally competitive research centers and is inviting world renown authorities in the field for joint research and guest lectures. “With the Konkuk University Medical Center and its infrastructure, the department is strategically positioned to provide optimal education in the field,” said Professor Kim.

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