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Department of Systems Biotechnology

Konkuk University originally established a biotechnology major within the Graduate School in 2006 and expanded it to the undergraduate level the following year. With Konkuk’s drive to specialize in biotechnology, this in turn has developed into the Department of Systems Biotechnology and the Department of Integrative Bioscience and Biotechnology at KIT. Systems biotechnology involves application of the main factors in biological phenomena as well as development of bioprocesses. Professor Yong-sic Hwang cited the turtle ships used by Commander Yi Sun-sin against the Japanese navy during the Joseon Dynasty in his explanation. “In order to understand the victory, in addition to the hardware-side of the turtle ships, we must understand the structure and material used by the Japanese ships as well as their military strategies.”

The curriculum at the Department of Systems Biotechnology comprises three areas: chemistry to learn molecular principles of biological phenomena, biology to understand the logic behind such phenomena, and applied biotechnology. The goal is for the students to become innovative and creative leaders in the field.

Professor Hwang also emphasized extracurricular activities at the department, such as the research program, career development program, and global program. “Students at the department will have the opportunity to learn from participating in research and gaining work experience in the field,” he said. “The advances and rapid developments in biotechnology will continue to be reflected in the curriculum.”

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