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Department of Cosmetics Engineering

Cosmetics engineering is a new field involving development of new material, concocting and shaping products, quality control, and marketing. In 2001, Konkuk University had established a cosmetic science department within the Graduate School of Engineering and there has been more than 600 graduates from the master’s and doctorate programs.

Today, many Korean companies in the pharmaceutical, food, and logistics business has entered into the field, and the government has announced plans for Korea to become one of the top 7 countries in the world by 2020 with the expectation to create approximately 20,000 jobs by then. “The cosmetics industry integrates bioengineering nowadays, and is also becoming an important pillar of the healthcare industry as it aims to treat skin diseases along with the pharmaceutical industry,” said Professor Sungkwan An. “The field of cosmetics engineering emerged to adapt to the rapid changes in the industry and contribute to its development.”

Given the multidisciplinary nature of the field, the department introduced a curriculum for specialization. Students will choose from five tracks—material development, quality control, manufacturing, evaluation, and dermatology—and take a group of courses known as modules accordingly. Collaboration with the industry is at the core of the curriculum, and sets the department apart from its peers. Each student will be assigned a professor who will serve as a mentor, and during their third and fourth year they will be closely supported in terms of their career development.

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