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Department of Environmental Health Science

The Department of Environmental Health Science is a convergence study that aims to improve human health and recover the nature ecosystem through safe environmental management by scientifically understanding the interrelationship between health and life, which are the core topics of health science.

1)Education Goals
- Fostering health and environmental professionals who can improve human health and ecosystem
- Ensuring public health and industrial hygiene programs
- Training environmental health specialized talents through horticulture theraphy, eco-healing, safety management for chemical substances and evaluative programs

2) Background of the Deaprtment
The role of environmental health science is highly significant and securing pleasant and healthy environment along with welfare of human beings is inevitable in an era when the global economy stabilizes. As environmental diseases resulted from climate change, pollution and chemical substances dramatically incerease in Korea and abroad, Korea is also focusing on environmental and health policies based on precautionary principles along with continuous changes in health-oriented lifestyle. Developed countries have already acknowledged the importance of Environmental Health Science and have operated related departments in a number of leading universities. Yet, there is few universities in Korea which systematically educate and train professionals from undergarduate courses. Konkuk University, thus, opened up the Department of Environmental Health Science in order to meed the needs of the new era of convergence of 'life-environment-health'.

3) Characteristitcs of the Curriculum
We provide specialized curriculum that organically converge health science and environment to follow the national environmental policies (Environmental Health Act, Natural Environment Conservation Act, Water Quality and Aquatic Ecosystem Conservation Act) and operate exchange programs with leading universities around the world. Throughout the curriculum, we cultivate global talents and offer them flexible job opportunities in various industries. Faculty members with leading and international capabilities in the environment and health sector will let students actively participate in research businesses as well as manage practical programs while granting scholarship suppport benefits.

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