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Department of Advanced Translational Medicine

The Department of Advanced Translational Medicine at Konkuk University (KU) aims to become a hub of translational research based on the development of specialized talent needed in local and global bio enterprises. Our objective is to invigorate research via translational medicine, industry-academic collaboration, and the interdisciplinary integration of various fields of medicine. For this purpose, the department has established the majors Translational Stem Cell Medicine and Molecular Translational Medicine in addition to the courses required for these majors. Through the successful operation of its two major programs, the department strives to raise the level of graduate employment by producing outstanding master's and Ph.D. graduates of translational medicine, while also strengthening its research competitiveness in relation to medical and stem cell research.

The objective of the KU Department of Advanced Translational Medicine is to foster specialized talent required by hospitals, research centers and bio-related businesses both in Korea and overseas through joint university-industry research collaboration for the study of translational medicine.

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