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Department of Biomedical Science & Technology

The graduate program of the Konkuk University (KU) Department of Biomedical Science and Technology (DBST) was established in the spring of 2005. DBST and the Institute of Biomedical Science and Technology (IBST) are closely linked in that, while IBST focuses on research and development in biomedical areas, the major role of DBST is the training of biomedical scientists. Therefore, full-time faculty members of DBST also participate in research carried out at IBST. The members of IBST who belong to other departments also participate in educating graduate students as participating faculty members of DBST.

DBST emphasizes education in the areas of human biology and diseases as well as on-site experience at hospitals. In order to facilitate multidisciplinary research and education, the department employs a track system which links both research and coursework. Graduate students, after consulting their advisors, can select courses from the department or other departments that are related to their thesis research topic. Our department also encourages academic advisement through a joint system involving clinicians.

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