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Department of Bioresources & Food Science

Until 2012, our department at Konkuk University (KU) has produced outstanding graduates under the name “Department of Molecular Biology.” Since 2013 under a new title, the Department of Bioresources and Food Science has been fostering the growth of professionals suited to the fields of bioresources, food and medicinal substances, bioengineering, and food science. In order to foster such professionals, the department has been offering courses that fuse biotechnology and food science with the academic fields of traditional studies that are necessary for the understanding of bioresources. We also offer students a faculty academic advising system, mentoring, as well as local and overseas internship opportunities and student exchange. In addition, world-class standard research is being conducted in areas relevant to bioresources and food science through local and overseas collaboration.

  1. Vision
    The Department of Bioresources and Food Science at KU aims to foster future professionals capable of contributing to the health and happiness of humanity through bioengineering.
  2. Objectives
      Overall Objectives
    • To conduct research and provide education on core postgraduate areas
    • To strengthen international competitiveness and research specialization
    • To foster professionals in R&BD (Research & Business Development)
      Quantitative Objectives
    • To be within top 5 in Korea in terms of research endowment and number of published theses
    • 100% graduate employment
    • To create a scholarship fund of 100 million KRW by 2020 to provide full scholarship to students
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