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Department of Applied Bioscience

Functional biomaterials utilize the distinct materials of a region or people in various ways. With the advent of the era of well-being, the need for research and development for health-functional substances preferred by humans from our abundant native resources has become prevalent in all levels of our society. It is well known that natural living resources are spread throughout the mountains and fields in Korea, and that these resources can be cultivated in any location nationwide. Research into such functionality, despite being in its early stages, is being conducted extensively on plant life as a leading technology in Korea, while such research has universalized the awareness of natural living resources. A wide variety of academic fields and technologies need to be synthesized in order to pursue R&D of new functional materials that make use of these living substances. The academic objective of the Department of Applied Bioscience at Konkuk University (KU) is the research, development and utilization of materials possessing new functional properties acquired from a range of natural living resources.

Our department aims to foster researchers and industry professionals by establishing new courses that provide the required knowledge related to research on genetic breeding, biotechnologies, functional materials, new materials utilizing separation/movement technologies, as well as the eco-friendly cultivation and utilization of production technologies and functional medicinal materials resulting from such research.

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