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Department of Bioindustrial Technology

Bioindustrial technology is a multidisciplinary field based on the natural and social sciences with the purpose of coordinating different components in the field of biotechnology industry. The importance of the biotechnology industry has emerged worldwide and competition in the field has never been as fierce. Compared to other industries, professions in the biotechnology industry show a relatively high R&D proportion. The educational level of individuals is also higher in relative terms as demanded by the industry. However, professionals capable of translating developed technologies into successful commercialization is lacking. Moreover, individuals capable of understanding the underlying technologies of bioproducts for commercialization accompanied with the establishment of an efficient sales network will significantly strengthen the competitiveness of the biotechnology industry.

Recently, the demand for professionals with engineering experience and an educational background in economics and management has increased. Bioindustrial technology is a newly emerging field which combines biotechnology, economics and management know-how in a form of interdisciplinary convergence. The Department of Bioindustrial Technology is a unique department found only at Konkuk University (KU), comprising some of the most distinguished faculty members in the field. Our major goal is to strengthen the Korean biotechnology industry by producing world-class human resources in the field.

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