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Department of Food Science & Biotechnology of Animal Resources

Konkuk University’s (KU) Department of Food Science & Biotechnology of Animal Resources is unique that it specializes in animal and food sciences. Research and education at our department involves various topics related with food products such as the application of science and technology to manufacturing, production, processing, product development, packaging, preparation, evaluation, distribution, utilization, and safety. Our department can rightly be recognized among the top programs of its kind in institutions around the world based on its academic excellence, accomplishments in research and creative activities, and outreach and engagement in all aspects of animal and food sciences.

The Department of Food and Animal Sciences at KU undertakes, in the land-grant tradition, teaching, research and extension functions in food and animal sciences. The department is student-centered and dedicated to the pursuit of higher education and professional development of students, staff and faculty, as well as the pursuit of excellence through teamwork and partnerships. Furthermore, we aim to improve human quality of life through animal food and industries.

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