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Department of Animal Science

Considering that a large proportion of food and protein consumed in modern society is supplied by livestock, the fostering of professionals for animal science and technology industries is a task of high importance. The Department of Animal Science & Technology at Konkuk University (KU) has the objective of unearthing and developing highly talented human resources capable of contributing to livestock-related industries both in Korea and in natural resource-rich countries such as China, Vietnam and Australia.

Major fields offered by the department include animal nutrition resources and animal environments/ecologies, while major courses offered are nutrition and feeding of poultry, advanced feed biotechnology, animal environment, swine nutrition and feeding, beef and dairy cattle nutrition, environmental microbiology, comparative animal nutrition and feeding, etc. In addition, the department conducts researches in various fields of animal science, student exchange and education, taking advantage of Chungju research farm and feed processing training facility.

The Department of Animal Science & Technology fosters leading professionals for a sustainable animal industry through research and education on a range of theories and technologies for the environmentally and ecologically friendly utilization of animal resources.

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