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Department of Animal Biotechnology

With research and education capabilities shoulder to shoulder with the world's leading universities of the field, the Department of Animal Biotechnology at Konkuk University (KU) has for the past 56 years been at the center of academic and industrial activities in the Korean animal industry. The department covers advanced academic topics such as animal bioinformation analysis and engineered alterations, understanding of the systematic bioengineering of animals, understanding of the embryotic and cell biology of animals, and the utilization of animals for biomedical purposes.

In order to foster the creative talent needed for biomedical research and BT, the foundation of animal biotechnology, the undergraduate education system has created a cutting-edge educational environment with a strong reputation both in Korea and abroad, comprising the leading teaching staff in their relevant fields in Korea. With a focus on the core technologies of future-oriented advanced animal biotechnology, the department is growing as a leading academic institute based on its world-class research capabilities. Research areas of focus include the production of model animals for the treatment of human illnesses, control of animal related diseases, development of new medicines utilizing animal cells, bio-organs, cell re-programming, animal cloning and stem cells.

  1. The department aims to foster academic leaders of the Korean animal biotechnology field and model professionals able to play a lead role in core industries related to the pharmacological properties of animals, immunity and disease resistance, transgenic animals, genomes, stem cells, animal cloning and conservation, interspecies organ transplantation, and designer animals.
  2. Our objective is to provide education designed to foster the brightest talents in Korea, education able to adapt to globalization and the modern era, and education on the various cutting-edge technologies for application in all areas of the animal biotechnology industry.
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