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The postgraduate program at the Department of Mathematics at Konkuk University (KU) comprises 13 professors and conducts research in the areas of algebra, hermeneutics, geometry, topology, and combinatorial and applied mathematics. We place a focus on specialization in areas related to geometry and applied mathematics, and we are involved in projects supervised by the Korean Ministry of Education, Science & Technology aimed at fostering postgraduate schools and research groups. These projects include the second stage of BK21 (Brain Korea 21), a core project in the mathematics field, and the BRL (Basic Research Lab).

The department also conducts graduate-level studies in the geometry-related areas of differential geometry, algebraic geometry, complex geometry, and geometric topology, as well as in the field of applied mathematics such as numerical analysis and biomathematics. In addition, our faculty members are actively engaged in research on complex mathematics. The Biomathematics and Geometric Modeling Team, comprising a total of nine professors – six from the field of geometry and three from applied mathematics – has been selected as the main mathematics field project team for the second stage of BK21, striving to further develop Graduate. Meanwhile, the team recorded a top score in its field in the 2nd and 3rd year annual evaluations. Furthermore, the Manifold Band Structure Lab, consisting of three professors from the field of geometry, is emerging as one of the core geometry research groups in Korea, as it has been selected in 2009 by the National Research Foundation of Korea as the sole group in the mathematics field of its BRL project.

In terms of international exchange and cooperation, since the signing of an MOU with the Mathematical and Theoretical Biology Institute (MBTI) of Arizona State University in 2007, the Department of Mathematics at KU Graduate School has been active in international student exchange, sending graduate students to attend the Summer Research Program at MBTI each year.

Mathematics is the most important means of understanding the rules of nature through the language of science. Recently, mathematics has also made significant contributions to the academic fields of engineering, economics, and the natural sciences. Responding to these trends, KU Department of Mathematics was established with the objective of fostering competent experts in mathematics capable of resolving the complex issues of our modern, technological society using mathematics, equipped with mathematical creativity and the ability to reason. Our lectures combine both pure and applied mathematics, including algebra, hermeneutics, geometry, topology, numerical analysis, and computers.

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