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Department of Geography

Recently, there has been a rising need for regional experts as a result of globalization as well as an increased demand for such professionals in various areas of society, owing to the problems of climate change and the shortage of water resources. The Department of Geography at Konkuk University (KU) has been working to provide the best facilities, research opportunities, and education in accordance with the school slogan of "excellent facilities, excellent teachers, excellent students.”

Our department aims to foster top-class field experts by offering specialized majors on regional information and content, landscape of water and landform, and climatology. Graduates find works as experts on climate change, environmental issues, urban and regional planning, regional studies, travel, geotourism curators, cultural heritage, world heritage, water balance, wetlands, sediment discharge analysis, and in the media.

The educational objectives of the Department of Geography are as follows.

  • To gain a systematic understanding of regional land and water environments and to analyze the causes and phenomena behind environmental issues at the regional level
  • To foster an understanding of and to analyze from a geographical perspective the regional characteristics of climate phenomena and changes in climate and environment
  • To investigate regional changes based on knowledge gained from research on systematic human and regional geography, utilize findings for policies related to the stimulation of urban and regional development and economy, and analyze the discovery, industrialization, and heritage of regional information content
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