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Department of Biological Sciences

Biological science is a field of fundamental science that aims at understanding and rationally explaining biological phenomena by testing such phenomena – based on systematic theories – in a laboratory setting. The Department of Biological Sciences at Konkuk University (KU) provides the academic knowledge bases for the fields of biology and biotechnology and plays a leading role in their development. Konkuk, under the founding philosophy of sincerity, fidelity, and righteousness, has adopted the motto of "a school for the people and a globally-oriented university." KU strives to develop the ideas and founding spirit of the founder, Dr. Yoo Seok-chang, to further maximize educational effectivity.

In order to achieve its objectives, the Department of Biological Sciences provides students planning their futures in the fields of biology or biotechnology with outstanding educational programs in an elaborate and systematic manner. The department comprises 13 full-time and three emeritus professors, 200 undergraduate and 70 graduate students, and has produced a total of 1250 graduates, 900 of them with bachelor's, 300 with master's, and 50 with Ph.D. degrees. In response to the future demand for biological science professionals, there are plans to appoint three more professors.

In order to foster individuals of excellence capable of contributing to national development through biological science technology, we provide outstanding curricula for both our M.Sc. and D.Sc. programs; moreover, we have established the following objectives for our graduate program at KU.

  1. To foster education and research experts in the fields of zoology, botany and microbiology
  2. To equip students with creative research abilities in the fields of biology and biotechnology
  3. To foster world citizens capable of contributing to the development of science and technology through scholarly exchange, both locally and internationally

Our graduate school offers a wide range of research areas of study suited to our students’ interests, allowing them to pursue graduate majors in zoology, botany or microbiology.

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