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Department of Veterinary Medicine

The objective of the Konkuk University (KU) Department of Veterinary Medicine is to equip its students with the attributes of professional clinicians through practical experience, research and in-depth knowledge needed by institutions and organizations that treat pets and industrial animals. Furthermore, we aim to perfect students' knowledge and laboratory techniques that can be widely utilized in the in the 21st century fields of the life sciences and biotechnology, stimulating their development as experts who will play a pivotal role at research facilities in the bio-industry.

  1. The basic areas of veterinary educate the future leading researchers in the field of life sciences by allowing students to build research capabilities and equipping them with an in-depth knowledge and strong interest in basic veterinary medicine. Areas covered include microbiology, physiology, experimental animal studies, immunology, pharmacology, toxicology, anatomy, and histology.
  2. The subclinical veterinary medicine area is composed of pathology, epidemiology, avian disease studies, and public health studies. We provide an educational setting that simulates actual working environments by transferring the knowledge of the latest research trends as well as the knowledge leading to professional insights and understanding of theories, in addition to equipping them with practical experience.
  3. As for clinical veterinary medicine, areas covered include dentistry, ophthalmology and dermatology from the wider areas of internal medicine, surgery and obstetrics. Through the department’s systematic courses which incorporate theory and practice in the field of clinical specialization, exceptional clinical veterinarians are fostered.
  4. Meanwhile, the absence of boundaries between and among disciplines allows students to broaden their vision of their chosen academic specialization and demonstrate their creative research capabilities.
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