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Graduate Interdisciplinary Integrated Courses

Department of Defense Acquisition

The Department of Defense Acquisition at Graduate, Konkuk University (KU), cultivates experts by providing education on areas essential to national defense such as the building of military forces, the Defense Acquisition Program, defense industry and defense policy. In this regard, our department conducts academic research on these areas and makes contributions to the establishment and development of the academic system of defense acquisition programs.

    The educational objectives for each area covered by our department are as follows.
  1. Defense Acquisition Program
    To assist students in developing specialized knowledge and research capabilities regarding the implementation and management system of defense acquisition programs
  2. National Defense Policy
    To support students in developing capabilities for the planning and formulation of defense policies, as well as research capabilities and insights for the subject area
  3. Force Development Engineering
    To help foster students’ research capabilities for and engineering-based approaches to the development and operation of military force systems.

Students who major in one of the specialized areas above should gain broad knowledge and understanding of all three specialized areas in order to engage in interdisciplinary and convergent research and development among the relevant areas.

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