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Department of Advanced Industry Fusion

The Department of Advanced Industry Fusion at Konkuk University (KU) aims to foster internationally competitive global leaders by developing their creative problem-solving abilities through the convergence and fusion of academic disciplines linking theory with reality, strengthening leadership capacities and a sense of cosmopolitanism in line with globalization trends. Through the provision of fundamental knowledge as well as case and practical studies, we equip students with the skills and experience needed to become professionals in the field of advanced industry fusion.

Our department’s educational objectives can be summarized as the following.

  • To nurture innovative entrepreneurs able to lead advanced industry fusion from the initial stage of idea development to both theoretical and practical training including fundamental academic knowledge, case studies, and the development of an entrepreneurial spirit.
  • To foster professionals able to lead and provide advice on successful advanced industry fusion linking government development plans through the provision of practical and specialized knowledge including the ability to diagnose and analyze difficulties that occur in the process of advanced industry fusion.
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