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Department of Real Estate Studies

The real estate market in Korea is currently experiencing major changes. The internationalization of real estate markets, creation and diffusion of quality real estate information, and integration of real estate markets and capital markets represent current trends. In addition, there is a growing perception that real estate is not just a target of regulation, but a major source of national wealth and health investment assets. Scientific and systematic analysis-based real estate developments and a variety of financial innovations are continuously improving the functioning of the real estate market. These waves of change expand the role of real estate experts, allowing them to extend to global markets and requiring a wide range of professional knowledge.

Keeping pace with these recent trends, the Department of Real Estate Studies at KU, which boasts the best program of its kind in Korea, strives to foster talented experts through a well-balanced education in real estate economics, finance, development, law and the other important aspects of real estate. Our faculty members are highly recognized in their specialized areas and are dedicated to research and excellence in both teaching and research.

We help students realize their full potential in the study of real estate by offering a range of real estate courses which will be continuously upgraded based on the changes in real estate markets and societal demand. The department is also working hard to attain international recognition for its academic research. Furthermore, we are focused on increasing our academic exchange with real estate professionals in other countries.

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