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Department of Information Technology & Management

The master's degree in Information Technology and Management (ITM) at Konkuk University (KU) is designed to prepare students for challenging careers in the application of information technology (IT) for solving various business-related problems. ITM professionals are the communication bridges between IT and the business community. They analyze, design, implement, and manage IT applications and strategies to help solve business problems.

ITM professionals secure positions in the areas of website design and development, consulting, security risk assessment, internet marketing, audit control, business analysis, customer relationship management consulting, e-Commerce, legal forensics, medical records automation, enterprise resource planning, and supply chain management. Graduate students at Konkuk become fully prepared for the future because they learn more than just technical skills – they learn how to apply technical skills in supporting business processes.

The objectives of our department can be summarized into the following three points.

  1. Learning future-oriented information and communications technology: To develop the ability to absorb information and theories related to the ever-changing field of information and communications in order to respond to future changes.
  2. Fostering creative problem-solving ability: To enhance students’ ability to creatively resolve problems that frequently occur in the complex sphere of competition.
  3. Cultivating global leadership: To help students understand the dynamics of international markets with a pioneering vision and a strategic thinking ability.
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